Download MIUI Theme Power UI for Xiaomi and Redmi phones

Greetings, fans of Xiaomi and Redmi! Today, I'm going to present a new MIUI theme component for your MIUI phone called Power UI, which includes a 3D icon pack and a charging animation. With the help of this MIUI theme, you can customize your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO phone to look amazing and stand out from the crowd.

For your Xiaomi or Redmi phone, the Power UI MIUI theme is a visually appealing theme. Using it on your smartphone will make you happy with its many wonderful modifications, including new, well-designed icons, beautiful Always-on Display, cool lock screen, updated status bar, and many more. You may use this Xiaomi theme for free, so download it and use it every day to feel happy.

The Power UI MIUI theme is suitable for Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO smartphones and is compatible with MIUI 14, MIUI 13, and MIUI 12. Simply download the Power UI MIUI theme and share it with others if you enjoy trying out new smartphone themes and want something different from your stock themes.

Power UI MIUI Theme Preview

Download MIUI Theme Power UI for Xiaomi and Redmi phones

Download MIUI Theme Power UI for Xiaomi and Redmi phones

Download MIUI Theme Power UI

How to Use Stock Roms with MIUI Themes

Use these instructions to install and apply the theme if your smartphone is running MIUI Global Stable ROM (Stock ROM).

  1. Open the Firefox browser to view this page.
  2. In the download section, select the "Official Theme Store Link."
  3. This will launch the Chinese version of the Xiaomi theme website. Next, click the three dots in the upper right corner and choose "Open in app."
  4. To download the theme, it will launch the "Themes Store" APP.
  5. Download the theme, then install it.
Note: The other browsers might not function, therefore please try opening this page in Chrome or the default Xiaomi browser if the "Official Theme Store Link" does not work.

How to Use [Custom ROMs] with MIUI Themes

You can install the MIUI theme using an MTZ file if you have any custom ROMs based on MIUI 11, 12, 12.5, 13, or 14. Examples of these include Xiaomi EU ROM, MIUIRoom, and others.

  1. Using the download link, save the mtz theme file.
  2. Tap the Themes option while the Theme Store app is open.
  3. Click "Import" after swiping down.
  4. Import the recently downloaded xxx.mtz file.
  5. Utilize the motif.
Note: If anything is overlapping or not showing up properly after applying the theme, restart your device. After testing, this theme functions flawlessly and without any problems.

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